FHRS/OSM comparison

Cheshire West and Chester

District statistics

The colours in this table act as a key for the maps below

OSM objects with valid fhrs:id and matching addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode 1102
Relevant OSM objects with postcode but no valid fhrs:id 200 GPX
Relevant OSM objects without postcode or fhrs:id 447 GPX
OSM objects with valid fhrs:id but mismatched/missing postcode 9
OSM objects with invalid fhrs:id 37 GPX
FHRS establishments with no matching OSM object 1674 GPX
Total number of relevant OSM objects 1795
Total number of FHRS establishments 2785
Percentage of FHRS establishments successfully matched* 39.6%
Percentage of relevant OSM objects with a postcode** 72.5%

*A match is considered successful when the OSM objects's fhrs:id matches an FHRS one and the OSM addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode matches the FHRS one.

**OSM objects with an addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode that matches the FHRS postcode, or with an addr:postcode but no fhrs:id tag.

District progress graphs

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Dotted lines in the map below show the difference between the OSM and FHRS locations for establishments that have been matched when those locations are more than 500 metres apart. Please see the table below for a list of these distant matches.

Suggested matches

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Postcodes missing/mismatched

Below is a list of OSM entities which have a valid fhrs:id tag but a missing/mismatched addr:postcode. N.B. This does not necessarily indicate an error with the OSM data. If a not:addr:postcode tag matching the FHRS postcode is found, the OSM entity is removed from the table and is instead considered a successful match.

NameOSM addr:postcodeFHRS postcode
Morris Dancer CW6 0RS CW6 0RZ Edit in JOSM
Northwich Lostock Gralam Travelodge CW9 7UA CW9 7XR Edit in JOSM
Lidl CW9 5JF CW9 5JT Edit in JOSM
Tesco Express CW7 2RD CW7 2LU Edit in JOSM
Subway CW7 1EG CW7 1BG Edit in JOSM
JD Griffiths CW9 5AY CW9 5AT Edit in JOSM
Stateside Bar And Kitchen CW9 5BZ CW9 5BY Edit in JOSM
Sandiway Primary School CW8 2ND CW8 2JX Edit in JOSM
Morrisons WA6 7EZ WA6 7HE Edit in JOSM

Mismatched fhrs:id tags

Below is a list of OSM entities which have an fhrs:id tag for which there is no matching FHRS establishment. This may indicate an establishment which has closed, but please check before making any changes to the OSM data. Parsing multiple FHRS IDs separated by semicolons is currently unsupported so these may also appear below.

Crown Hotel 846218 Edit in JOSM
The Carden Arms 943081 Edit in JOSM
Norley Village Hall 923567 Edit in JOSM
Holmes Pharmacy 923363 Edit in JOSM
The George and Dragon 1217547 Edit in JOSM
Piste Wine Bar & Restaurant 290427 Edit in JOSM
Hartford 923633 Edit in JOSM
Glorious Sunrise 1050443 Edit in JOSM
Helsby PO 923522 Edit in JOSM
Elson News 923691 Edit in JOSM
Ashtpn Hayes Village Hall 923726 Edit in JOSM
Jubilee Hall 923758 Edit in JOSM
Tarporley Community Centre 923564 Edit in JOSM
Tilston War Memorial Hall 923813 Edit in JOSM
Cuddington News, Food and Wine 923598 Edit in JOSM
Royal British Legion Club 923583 Edit in JOSM
Moulton Verdin Club 923533 Edit in JOSM
The Gate Inn 314766 Edit in JOSM
Gladstone Club 923624 Edit in JOSM
Dave's Gym 923623 Edit in JOSM
Card Factory 923587 Edit in JOSM
Boots 923643 Edit in JOSM
New Look 923687 Edit in JOSM
The Edinburgh Woollen Mill 923641 Edit in JOSM
Harlequin Theatre 923605 Edit in JOSM
Norley Methodist Church 923666 Edit in JOSM
Mickle Trafford Village Hall 923810 Edit in JOSM
Barrowmore Community Social Club 923710 Edit in JOSM
Davenham Cricket Club 923560 Edit in JOSM
Players Theatre 923531 Edit in JOSM
Richards Newsagent 923602 Edit in JOSM
Antrobus Village Hall 923614 Edit in JOSM
High Street Church 923732 Edit in JOSM
St John Evangelist Church Hall 923628 Edit in JOSM
New Look 923543 Edit in JOSM
Polish Social Club 923578 Edit in JOSM
Rowlands Pharmacy 923521 Edit in JOSM

Duplicate fhrs:id tags

There are no fhrs:id duplicates to show for this district.

Distant matches

Below is a list of all the OSM entities which have been matched to an FHRS establishment where the OSM and FHRS locations are more than 500 metres apart. N.B. This does not necessarily indicate an error with the OSM data as OSM locations tend to be more accurate than those in the FHRS database.

OSM nameFHRS nameDistance / m
Winnington Park Community Primary and Nursery School Winnington Park CP School 518 Edit in JOSM
Asda Asda 547 Edit in JOSM
The Old Star Old Star 606 Edit in JOSM
Costa Costa 649 Edit in JOSM
Alvanley Primary School Alvanley County Primary School 676 Edit in JOSM
The Acorns Primary and Nursery School The Acorns Primary and Nursery School 793 Edit in JOSM
Catton Hall Shooting Ground Catton Hall Shooting Lodge 848 Edit in JOSM
Chester Abbots Well Mercure Chester Abbots Well 999 Edit in JOSM
The Hornsmill The Hornsmill At Helsby 1707 Edit in JOSM
Waitrose Waitrose 3080 Edit in JOSM
Higher Farm B&B Higher Farm 3520 Edit in JOSM
Parklands Community Primary School Parklands Commuity Primary School 9448 Edit in JOSM
Total Fitness Total Fitness 33790 Edit in JOSM

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