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District statistics

The colours in this table act as a key for the maps below

OSM nodes/ways with valid fhrs:id and matching addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode 2430
Relevant OSM nodes/ways with postcode but no valid fhrs:id 257 GPX
Relevant OSM nodes/ways without postcode or fhrs:id 1238 GPX
OSM nodes/ways with valid fhrs:id but mismatched/missing postcode 31
OSM nodes/ways with invalid fhrs:id 28 GPX
FHRS establishments with no matching OSM node/way 2236 GPX
Total number of relevant OSM nodes/ways 3984
Total number of FHRS establishments 4697
Percentage of FHRS establishments successfully matched* 51.7%
Percentage of relevant OSM nodes/ways with a postcode** 67.4%

*A match is considered successful when the OSM node/way's fhrs:id matches an FHRS one and the OSM addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode matches the FHRS one.

**OSM nodes/ways with an addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode that matches the FHRS postcode, or with an addr:postcode but no fhrs:id tag.

District progress graphs

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Dotted lines in the map below show the difference between the OSM and FHRS locations for establishments that have been matched when those locations are more than 500 metres apart. Please see the table below for a list of these distant matches.

Suggested matches

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Postcodes missing/mismatched

Below is a list of OSM entities which have a valid fhrs:id tag but a missing/mismatched addr:postcode. N.B. This does not necessarily indicate an error with the OSM data. If a not:addr:postcode tag matching the FHRS postcode is found, the OSM entity is removed from the table and is instead considered a successful match.

NameOSM addr:postcodeFHRS postcode
Gzing Restaurant LS9 7NP LS9 7LY Edit in JOSM
Morrisons LS2 8PL LS2 8NG Edit in JOSM
Victoria Filling Station LS27 0LF LS27 0LQ Edit in JOSM
Charco's LS2 9HB LS2 9HD Edit in JOSM
Tesco Express LS11 5RU LS11 5BZ Edit in JOSM
Easterly Road Post Office LS8 2RY LS8 2TP Edit in JOSM
Jade Unicorn LS18 4DE LS18 4RN Edit in JOSM
Lost & Found None LS1 5PT Add tags in JOSM
B&M LS27 8RZ LS27 8AG Edit in JOSM
Bingley Arms LS17 9DN LS17 9DR Edit in JOSM
Caffe Nero LS1 5HF LS1 5JW Edit in JOSM
Sian Stores LS12 2RG LS13 2RG Edit in JOSM
Asda LS12 4BP LS12 4BR Edit in JOSM
First Direct Arena LS2 8PA LS2 8BY Edit in JOSM
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Leeds City Centre LS1 4BR LS1 4GS Edit in JOSM
Morley Victoria Primary School None None Add tags in JOSM
The White Swan LS19 7TB LS19 7TA Edit in JOSM
Donishorpe Hall LS17 6AW LS17 6AP Edit in JOSM
Asda LS27 0BP LS27 0BN Edit in JOSM
St Peter's Church of England Primary School LS9 7SG LS9 7SS Edit in JOSM
Methley Primary School LS26 9HT LS26 9AB Edit in JOSM
Bowers Tap LS1 6BG LS1 6LY Edit in JOSM
Morrisons LS22 6JG LS22 6FL Edit in JOSM
Costcutter LS23 6AA LS23 6BT Edit in JOSM
Tesco Express LS12 3AS LS12 3AP Edit in JOSM
Subway LS1 5EQ LS1 6EA Edit in JOSM
Beefeater - Yeadon Stoops LS19 6AB LS19 7AW Edit in JOSM
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School LS9 0HA LS9 0HB Edit in JOSM
Bay Horse LS28 5HX LS28 5LF Edit in JOSM
Eddys Balti And Pizzeria LS28 6LJ LS28 6LS Edit in JOSM
Little London Community Primary School LS7 1SR LS7 1SW Edit in JOSM

Mismatched fhrs:id tags

Below is a list of OSM entities which have an fhrs:id tag for which there is no matching FHRS establishment. This may indicate an establishment which has closed, but please check before making any changes to the OSM data. Parsing multiple FHRS IDs separated by semicolons is currently unsupported so these may also appear below.

Woodlesford Methodist Church 738489;741905 Edit in JOSM
Springfield Day Centre 320877 Edit in JOSM
The White Horse 756387 Edit in JOSM
The Park Convenience Store 699365 Edit in JOSM
Fultons Foods 559028 Edit in JOSM
Shire Oak Church of England (VC) Primary School 320315;321054 Edit in JOSM
Robin Hood Primary School 320863;323111 Edit in JOSM
Meanwood Church of England Primary School 319793;467439 Edit in JOSM
Morley Newlands Primary School 706373;744026 Edit in JOSM
Woodlesford Junior School 320816;321241 Edit in JOSM
Gildersome Primary School 320730;321494 Edit in JOSM
Lower Wortley Primary School 322163;321638 Edit in JOSM
Greenside School 321131;322460 Edit in JOSM
Pudsey Lowtown Primary School 320447;803051 Edit in JOSM
First Direct 897881;729583 Edit in JOSM
None 322559;973643 Edit in JOSM
Brownhill Primary Academy 320250;322651 Edit in JOSM
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 319872;321227 Edit in JOSM
Emmaus 321100;591809 Edit in JOSM
Allerton Bywater Primary School 320579;555784 Edit in JOSM
Aberford Church of England Primary School 1018239;320842 Edit in JOSM
Allerton Church of England Primary School 319922;546081 Edit in JOSM
The Irish Centre 320360;467162 Edit in JOSM
Rawdon St. Peter's C of E Primary School 320471;322454 Edit in JOSM
Cookridge Holy Trinity CE Primary School 774203;732848 Edit in JOSM
Weetwood Primary School 320288;323445 Edit in JOSM
Primrose Hill Primary 320074;322371 Edit in JOSM
Community Centre 941339;783829 Edit in JOSM

Duplicate fhrs:id tags

There are no fhrs:id duplicates to show for this district.

Distant matches

Below is a list of all the OSM entities which have been matched to an FHRS establishment where the OSM and FHRS locations are more than 500 metres apart. N.B. This does not necessarily indicate an error with the OSM data as OSM locations tend to be more accurate than those in the FHRS database.

OSM nameFHRS nameDistance / m
McDonald's McDonalds (Holbeck) 506 Edit in JOSM
Morley Victoria Primary School Catering Leeds (Morley Victoria Primary) 560 Edit in JOSM
The Royalty The Royalty 565 Edit in JOSM
East Leeds Cricket And Social Club East Leeds Cricket And Social Club 697 Edit in JOSM
Ollies Fisheries Ollies 1205 Edit in JOSM
Tesco Express Tesco 1712 Edit in JOSM
The Palace The Palace 3042 Edit in JOSM
Lidl Lidl (Hunslet) 4942 Edit in JOSM
Thorner Church of England Primary School Catering Leeds (Thorner C Of E VC Primary) 8735 Edit in JOSM
Fulneck School Fulneck School 9487 Edit in JOSM
Fulneck Golf Club Fulneck Golf Club 9856 Edit in JOSM

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