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District statistics

The colours in this table act as a key for the maps below

OSM objects with valid fhrs:id and matching addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode 233
Relevant OSM objects with postcode but no valid fhrs:id 163 GPX
Relevant OSM objects without postcode or fhrs:id 266 GPX
OSM objects with valid fhrs:id but mismatched/missing postcode 3
OSM objects with invalid fhrs:id 61 GPX
FHRS establishments with no matching OSM object 776 GPX
Total number of relevant OSM objects 726
Total number of FHRS establishments 1012
Percentage of FHRS establishments successfully matched* 23.0%
Percentage of relevant OSM objects with a postcode** 54.5%

*A match is considered successful when the OSM objects's fhrs:id matches an FHRS one and the OSM addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode matches the FHRS one.

**OSM objects with an addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode that matches the FHRS postcode, or with an addr:postcode but no fhrs:id tag.

District progress graphs

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Dotted lines in the map below show the difference between the OSM and FHRS locations for establishments that have been matched when those locations are more than 500 metres apart. Please see the table below for a list of these distant matches.

Suggested matches

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Postcodes missing/mismatched

Below is a list of OSM entities which have a valid fhrs:id tag but a missing/mismatched addr:postcode. N.B. This does not necessarily indicate an error with the OSM data. If a not:addr:postcode tag matching the FHRS postcode is found, the OSM entity is removed from the table and is instead considered a successful match.

NameOSM addr:postcodeFHRS postcode
Bandon Hill Primary School (Wood & Oak Field Site) SM5 3HP SM5 3HW Edit in JOSM
Bandon Hill Primary School (Wood & Oak Field Site) SM5 3HP SM5 3HW Edit in JOSM
Riva Bingo SM1 1EL SM1 1EH Edit in JOSM

Mismatched fhrs:id tags

Below is a list of OSM entities which have an fhrs:id tag for which there is no matching FHRS establishment. This may indicate an establishment which has closed, but please check before making any changes to the OSM data. Parsing multiple FHRS IDs separated by semicolons is currently unsupported so these may also appear below.

The Rose & Crown 934406 Edit in JOSM
The Nightingale 539499 Edit in JOSM
Star Cafe 571063 Edit in JOSM
Dragon City 962339 Edit in JOSM
Robin Hood 895421 Edit in JOSM
The Cock & Bull 20797 Edit in JOSM
Budgens 1038632 Edit in JOSM
Subway 990245 Edit in JOSM
E. Thompson Pick'n'Pay 898485 Edit in JOSM
The Circle Take Away 414793 Edit in JOSM
Shell Filling Station 1054457 Edit in JOSM
Crostini 571111 Edit in JOSM
Regional Thai Taste 430838 Edit in JOSM
Cheam Cottage 570976 Edit in JOSM
China Garden 1001225 Edit in JOSM
Londis 898438 Edit in JOSM
PizzaExpress 445131 Edit in JOSM
Family Fishbar 848003 Edit in JOSM
Tandoori Night 1083552 Edit in JOSM
Sizzle & Shake 854910 Edit in JOSM
Pizza Hot 4 You 1097609 Edit in JOSM
Vapepit 899172 Edit in JOSM
Caffe Cinos 491891 Edit in JOSM
The Grill 811656 Edit in JOSM
Bombay 1047023 Edit in JOSM
Royal Fried Chicken 641215 Edit in JOSM
Day 1 Local Express 898502 Edit in JOSM
Kamble House 1041500 Edit in JOSM
Vinoteca Italiana 571127 Edit in JOSM
ii-ma Sushi 30219 Edit in JOSM
Heen's 20943 Edit in JOSM
Il Toscano 20517 Edit in JOSM
Noor Jahan 20521 Edit in JOSM
Papaya 546633 Edit in JOSM
McDonald's 30200 Edit in JOSM
Dolphin Fish Bar 513969 Edit in JOSM
Mantles Newsagent 898444 Edit in JOSM
India 1019434 Edit in JOSM
Napoli Pizza 570924 Edit in JOSM
McDonald's 706916 Edit in JOSM
SK Beddington News 898635 Edit in JOSM
Original Peri Peri Chicken 781607 Edit in JOSM
Mogul Tandoori 931321 Edit in JOSM
Percy's Clay Oven Pizza 898427 Edit in JOSM
Crumms Bakery 465465 Edit in JOSM
The Royal China 940391 Edit in JOSM
Chip Inn 462655 Edit in JOSM
Rumblin Tums Cafe 430829 Edit in JOSM
German Doner Kebab 1070725 Edit in JOSM
Orange Bay Cafe 977829 Edit in JOSM
Carshalton High School for Girls 735953 Edit in JOSM
Tweeddale Primary School 899179 Edit in JOSM
Shell Select / Budgens 1049481 Edit in JOSM
Jalaram Convenience Store 767792 Edit in JOSM
Tweeddale Children's Centre 571096 Edit in JOSM
F.M. & L.J Stenning 571034 Edit in JOSM
The Usual Place 665626 Edit in JOSM
Roy Gravett 571033 Edit in JOSM
Peppers Deli 451668 Edit in JOSM
Beddington Conference Centre 447437 Edit in JOSM
Shell 1049481 Edit in JOSM

Duplicate fhrs:id tags

Below is a list of all the OSM entities which have an fhrs:id tag that is shared with at least one of the OSM entities in this district. N.B. This does not necessarily indicate an error with the OSM data.

1049481Shell None Edit in JOSM
1049481Shell Select / Budgens None Edit in JOSM
445139Starfish Bar Chow's Edit in JOSM
445139Chow's Express Chow's Edit in JOSM
528587The Bakery Stenning's Family Bakery Edit in JOSM
528587The Coffee Lounge Stenning's Family Bakery Edit in JOSM
570877None Ryelands And Brooklands Edit in JOSM
570877None Ryelands And Brooklands Edit in JOSM
629196None Manor Cafe Edit in JOSM
629196Manor Cafe Manor Cafe Edit in JOSM
899073PFC International Food Centre Wallington Grocery Edit in JOSM
899073Wallington's Grocery Wallington Grocery Edit in JOSM

Distant matches

There are no distant matches to show for this district.

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