FHRS/OSM comparison

Malvern Hills

District statistics

The colours in this table act as a key for the maps below

OSM objects with valid fhrs:id and matching addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode 80
Relevant OSM objects with postcode but no valid fhrs:id 85 GPX
Relevant OSM objects without postcode or fhrs:id 351 GPX
OSM objects with valid fhrs:id but mismatched/missing postcode 0
OSM objects with invalid fhrs:id 26 GPX
FHRS establishments with no matching OSM object 556 GPX
Total number of relevant OSM objects 542
Total number of FHRS establishments 636
Percentage of FHRS establishments successfully matched* 12.6%
Percentage of relevant OSM objects with a postcode** 30.4%

*A match is considered successful when the OSM objects's fhrs:id matches an FHRS one and the OSM addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode matches the FHRS one.

**OSM objects with an addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode that matches the FHRS postcode, or with an addr:postcode but no fhrs:id tag.

District progress graphs

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Dotted lines in the map below show the difference between the OSM and FHRS locations for establishments that have been matched when those locations are more than 500 metres apart. Please see the table below for a list of these distant matches.

Suggested matches

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Postcodes missing/mismatched

There are no postcode errors to show for this district.

Mismatched fhrs:id tags

Below is a list of OSM entities which have an fhrs:id tag for which there is no matching FHRS establishment. This may indicate an establishment which has closed, but please check before making any changes to the OSM data. Parsing multiple FHRS IDs separated by semicolons is currently unsupported so these may also appear below.

Four Seasons 672668 Edit in JOSM
Brewer's Arms 876597 Edit in JOSM
The Crown Inn 672657 Edit in JOSM
Jade Palace 672733 Edit in JOSM
The Gloster Arms 722327 Edit in JOSM
Railway Inn 672569 Edit in JOSM
Court Road Bakery 672863 Edit in JOSM
Grassendale House 908906 Edit in JOSM
Subway 684672 Edit in JOSM
Peppe's 672686 Edit in JOSM
Fig Tree 672689 Edit in JOSM
Faun 684993 Edit in JOSM
Zam Zam 672683 Edit in JOSM
Soma 903231 Edit in JOSM
None 738049 Edit in JOSM
Gallery 36 874387 Edit in JOSM
Link Top News 684995 Edit in JOSM
Malvern College 684591 Edit in JOSM
McDonald's 672682 Edit in JOSM
The Unicorn 778543 Edit in JOSM
Pizza Fiesta 928059 Edit in JOSM
The Anchor Inn 848038 Edit in JOSM
Painters Cottage 672826 Edit in JOSM
The Three Horseshoes 811101 Edit in JOSM
Rose and Crown 672640 Edit in JOSM
The Three Kings 672620 Edit in JOSM

Duplicate fhrs:id tags

There are no fhrs:id duplicates to show for this district.

Distant matches

Below is a list of all the OSM entities which have been matched to an FHRS establishment where the OSM and FHRS locations are more than 500 metres apart. N.B. This does not necessarily indicate an error with the OSM data as OSM locations tend to be more accurate than those in the FHRS database.

OSM nameFHRS nameDistance / m
Hanley Swan Village Stores Hanley Swan Village Stores 1157 Edit in JOSM

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