FHRS/OSM comparison

Brighton and Hove

District statistics

The colours in this table act as a key for the maps below

OSM nodes/ways with valid fhrs:id and matching addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode 514
Relevant OSM nodes/ways with postcode but no valid fhrs:id 166 GPX
Relevant OSM nodes/ways without postcode or fhrs:id 665 GPX
OSM nodes/ways with valid fhrs:id but mismatched/missing postcode 20
OSM nodes/ways with invalid fhrs:id 91 GPX
FHRS establishments with no matching OSM node/way 2179 GPX
Total number of relevant OSM nodes/ways 1456
Total number of FHRS establishments 2713
Percentage of FHRS establishments successfully matched* 18.9%
Percentage of relevant OSM nodes/ways with a postcode** 46.7%

*A match is considered successful when the OSM node/way's fhrs:id matches an FHRS one and the OSM addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode matches the FHRS one.

**OSM nodes/ways with an addr:postcode or not:addr:postcode that matches the FHRS postcode, or with an addr:postcode but no fhrs:id tag.

District progress graphs

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Dotted lines in the map below show the difference between the OSM and FHRS locations for establishments that have been matched when those locations are more than 500 metres apart. Please see the table below for a list of these distant matches.

Suggested matches

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Postcodes missing/mismatched

Below is a list of OSM entities which have a valid fhrs:id tag but a missing/mismatched addr:postcode. N.B. This does not necessarily indicate an error with the OSM data. If a not:addr:postcode tag matching the FHRS postcode is found, the OSM entity is removed from the table and is instead considered a successful match.

NameOSM addr:postcodeFHRS postcode
The Sportsman BN1 5JD BN1 5JS Edit in JOSM
Smart Local Market None BN2 3HT Add tags in JOSM
MyHotel Brighton None BN1 1GE Add tags in JOSM
The Reservoir None BN2 9TP Add tags in JOSM
Zafferelli None BN1 1UF Add tags in JOSM
Moonstone None BN3 2DJ Add tags in JOSM
Wai Kika Moo Kau None BN1 4AL Add tags in JOSM
BP None BN3 4QD Add tags in JOSM
Costa None BN3 3YA Add tags in JOSM
Julien Plumart None BN1 3XB Add tags in JOSM
The Westbourne None BN3 5DN Add tags in JOSM
Adelaide House None BN1 2FF Add tags in JOSM
Pavel None BN2 1RG Add tags in JOSM
No Walls None BN1 1UD Add tags in JOSM
Jury's Inn Brighton None BN1 4DJ Add tags in JOSM
Dorset Gardens Methodist Church None BN2 1RL Add tags in JOSM
Iceland None BN3 5TD Add tags in JOSM
Greggs None BN3 5TD Add tags in JOSM
Supermulti Store None BN41 1GB Add tags in JOSM
Florence Road Baptist Church BN1 6DL BN1 6DJ Edit in JOSM

Mismatched fhrs:id tags

Below is a list of OSM entities which have an fhrs:id tag for which there is no matching FHRS establishment. This may indicate an establishment which has closed, but please check before making any changes to the OSM data. Parsing multiple FHRS IDs separated by semicolons is currently unsupported so these may also appear below.

The Royal Standard 207584 Edit in JOSM
Earth and Stars 904279;892323 Edit in JOSM
The Eddy 682449 Edit in JOSM
Preston Park Tavern 727126;727127 Edit in JOSM
The Jolly Poacher 605331 Edit in JOSM
Fiveways Grill 206562 Edit in JOSM
Spa 206763 Edit in JOSM
The Signalman 615665 Edit in JOSM
Fiddlers Elbow 207192;810041;916396 Edit in JOSM
The Prestonville Arms 207958 Edit in JOSM
Caxton Arms 207671 Edit in JOSM
The Pond 207623 Edit in JOSM
The Foundry 844887 Edit in JOSM
Marion's 207080 Edit in JOSM
Days 207240 Edit in JOSM
PKA Rickshaw 876025 Edit in JOSM
The Temple Bar 772431 Edit in JOSM
Bombay Indian 867564 Edit in JOSM
Aumthong Thai 208753 Edit in JOSM
Coffee Republic 207246 Edit in JOSM
The Cricketers 206683;206819 Edit in JOSM
The Hobgoblin 605337 Edit in JOSM
The Pipeline 206751 Edit in JOSM
Walkabout 803270 Edit in JOSM
Preston Brewery Tap 679493 Edit in JOSM
Sidewinder 860540 Edit in JOSM
Dover Castle 803241;920143 Edit in JOSM
The Southover 803366;748865 Edit in JOSM
Al Nakhl 803330 Edit in JOSM
Molly Malone's 629425;745497 Edit in JOSM
Krua Anne 206576 Edit in JOSM
The Cow 867544 Edit in JOSM
The West Hill 208667 Edit in JOSM
Sea Breeze 206941 Edit in JOSM
Colson House 205946 Edit in JOSM
Brighton Rocks 766835 Edit in JOSM
The Old Bank 704620 Edit in JOSM
The Queen Victoria 207953;482740 Edit in JOSM
The Co-operative Food 206651 Edit in JOSM
village bakery 207721 Edit in JOSM
The Olde Cottage 207953 Edit in JOSM
Priscillas 206800 Edit in JOSM
The Round Georges 867542 Edit in JOSM
Warung Tujuh 208094 Edit in JOSM
Ella's Yummy Delights 207549 Edit in JOSM
Vega Express 803300 Edit in JOSM
Boots 208357 Edit in JOSM
The Foragers 206366 Edit in JOSM
Joe's Cafe 666407 Edit in JOSM
VBites 551959 Edit in JOSM
Bohemia 844904 Edit in JOSM
Tiger Lounge 508650 Edit in JOSM
Box Rocks 352589 Edit in JOSM
China Inn 207555 Edit in JOSM
1847 844886 Edit in JOSM
Beyond Design 208308 Edit in JOSM
Sweetie Pie 208307 Edit in JOSM
The Rottingdean Club 208781 Edit in JOSM
Li's Sizzling House 208718 Edit in JOSM
Davido's Parlour 867575 Edit in JOSM
Cheeky Chicken 772424 Edit in JOSM
Dirty Blonde 656168 Edit in JOSM
Coast 542409 Edit in JOSM
Angel Food Bakery 207786 Edit in JOSM
That Little Teashop In The Lanes 511196 Edit in JOSM
Bodega D Tapa 208208 Edit in JOSM
Downs View Link College 803249 Edit in JOSM
Harry Ramsden 207051 Edit in JOSM
William the Fourth 208142 Edit in JOSM
Bus Stop 838784 Edit in JOSM
Mash Tun 207852;609820 Edit in JOSM
Little Miss Piggies 688388 Edit in JOSM
The Ranelagh 768484 Edit in JOSM
Aquarium Guest House 206183 Edit in JOSM
Millards 207372 Edit in JOSM
Izzy 574388 Edit in JOSM
Sussex Grill 916426 Edit in JOSM
Good News 722919 Edit in JOSM
The Office 803306 Edit in JOSM
H's Cafe 207665 Edit in JOSM
The Hope and Ruin 810027;803380 Edit in JOSM
Bottom's Rest 860555 Edit in JOSM
Sami Swoi 206731 Edit in JOSM
Martins 208219 Edit in JOSM
Breeze 207874 Edit in JOSM
Yummies 619055 Edit in JOSM
Oriental Village 375242 Edit in JOSM
Mr. Chippy 207359 Edit in JOSM
Touch of India 207011 Edit in JOSM
Station Stores 768474 Edit in JOSM
Hertford Infant and Nursery School 207656;208709 Edit in JOSM

Duplicate fhrs:id tags

There are no fhrs:id duplicates to show for this district.

Distant matches

There are no distant matches to show for this district.

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