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Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

I've developed some Python tools for downloading and comparing Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) and OSM data and finding possible matches between it, together with Leaflet slippy maps for visualising the data. I think the FHRS data is a useful source for getting more postcode and address data into OSM, as well as for reminding mappers of local establishments they could map. It is my hope that these tools could help mappers to do this efficiently (rather than importing large amounts of data automatically).

The FHRS/OSM comparison tool is being used for the OpenStreetMap GB Autumn Quarterly Project 2016. You can track the progress of the project using the link below.

Ordnance Survey triangulation station data

I have produced a GPX file which contains the OS triangulation station archive filtered to inculde only those stations not marked as destroyed. Co-ordinates have been transformed to ETRS89 ("a more exacting definition of the GPS co-ordinate system than WGS84") using the OSTN02 transformation and the file includes the name, description and type for each point in a format that JOSM can understand and display. (You may wish to go into Edit > Preferences, make sure Expert Mode is on and change Waypoint labelling to {name} ({desc}) - {type} in order to show the type for each station.

It is my hope that the OS trig archive may be imported into OSM at some point, but in the meantime this GPX file could be used to accurately determine the offset of aerial imagery.

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